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At West Sussex we welcome all levels of competitor to our Dressage events and work hard to run friendly competitions. We offer classes for the first time competitor, with people there to help guide you through your day, to those wanting to challenge themselves by trying a harder level. As a Club we have some great venues to hold competitions and training days.

We have a full range of Listed Judges booked for our Winter Dressage Series.

All your Dressage Diagrams are available from DressageDiagrams.Com

BRC tests can be downloaded from the BRC website.

To enter our events, download our WSRC Entry Form and return it ASAP!

Prix Caprilli

At the Club Field

Evening Dressage & Clear Round

At the Club Field

Dressage & Clear Round Jumping

Saturday, 28th July 2018

At the Club Field

Long Arena Summer Dressage

Sunday, 12th August 2018.

At Boxgrove Competition Stables

Times: 09.00 to 16.00.

£12.00 for Members and £17.50 for Non-Members.

Dates for Winter Dressage

At Boxgrove Competition Stables 2018/19

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